Jamie Gold sued again

Jamie Gold
2006 World Series of Poker Main Event champion Jamie Gold is facing another lawsuit.

For the second time, 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event champion Jamie Gold is being sued for a portion of his $12 million prize.

In a breach of contract suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, L.A. resident Francis DellaVecchia claims he helped Gold secure a deal with Bodog to pay Gold's entry fee into the Main Event in exchange for 1% of his winnings.

DellaVecchia, who worked as a consultant with Riptown Media doing marketing and media work for Bodog, claims to have helped put together a celebrity team for Bodog, which included Dean Cain, Mekhi Phifer, DJ AM, and Brad Garrett.

DellaVecchia claims he was introduced to Gold through a mutual friend and considering the former Hollywood agent's ties to actors like James Gandolfini and Lucy Liu, he asked Gold to help him secure a few household names to represent Bodog in exchange for a seat in the Main Event.

DellaVecchia alleges Gold was only able to secure B-List celebrities for the event, but he still made a verbal agreement to secure his $10,000 buy-in for the tournament from Bodog in exchange for 1% of anything Gold might win.

After winning the Main Event, Gold was sued by Bruce Crispin Leyser for half his winnings.

Leyser claimed he made a deal prior to the event with Gold to help find celebrities to represent Bodog in exchange for 50% of his winnings.

The suit was settled out of court with a statement issued to the press claiming Gold had always intended on sharing his winnings with Leyser.

Terms of the settlement were not released.

DellaVecchia claims he knew nothing of Gold's agreement with Leyser and his attempts to settle up with Gold immediately after the 2006 Main Event proved unsuccessful.

After May 2007, DellaVecchia claims any attempts to contact Gold or his representatives have failed.

Gold's attorney, Hugh Greenup, told PokerListings DellaVecchia's story is untrue and Gold has yet to have been served the lawsuit.

"The claims made by Francis DellaVecchia are false," Greenup said. "He has no agreement, written or otherwise, with Jamie Gold.

"If Mr. DellaVecchia ever decides to legally serve it upon Mr. Gold, which he has not done yet, his false allegations will be contested vigorously and exposed for what they are."

DellaVecchia is seeking $131,250, claiming Gold's earnings from the Main Event, including the $12 million first-place prize, a $750,000 bonus from Bodog and a monthly retainer for as long as he was representing the site, totaled $13,125,000.

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