Jamie Gold Poker Room Opens at Tropicana

Jamie Gold.

The Tropicana casino in Las Vegas has announced 2006 WSOP Main Event champ Jamie Gold as its new Poker Ambassador and the christening of its newly refurbished poker room as the Jamie Gold Poker Room.

Starting Dec. 5th Gold will be making daily appearances until mid-January at the Tropicana and fans will have the chance to sit down and play a few hands with him for “as little as $100.”

Fan-focused events, memorabilia and a broad range of cash games and tournaments will be the focus for the new room plus an exclusive high-stakes cash game will run monthly.

“This deal with Tropicana covers everything I could have ever wanted in a relationship with a major Las Vegas Strip resort,” Gold said in a release, “and it will serve as my anchor and the conduit to all of my future poker and philanthropic endeavors.

“I really couldn’t be more excited!”

“This deal is by far the biggest of its kind,” added Gold’s agent, Randy Kasper of Poker Players International, “and the poker world will be shocked by many of the components as they are unveiled.”

“For the past three years, I have been focusing on raising money around the globe for worthy causes,” said Gold.

“It has been so rewarding; I couldn’t begin to put it into words.

"I will continue to live up to my nickname as ‘The Poker Philanthropist’ while at the same time getting back to the game I love which has given me countless opportunities.”

Gold is well known for being the champion of the largest WSOP Main Event in history and winning the first-place prize of $12 million.

The new poker room is part of a recently completed $180 million expansion project at the Tropicana.

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Ralph 2011-12-12 13:41:42

What a joke.

thekid 2011-12-10 12:34:41

Someone tell Jamie to give his head a shake, "the poker philanthropist"? Give me a break, he is a one hit wonder, done nothing for the game of poker except give it a black eye and i wouldn't donate a red cent to someone who tried to back out of paying his backer....I bet he uses his "charity" much like wyclef jean, for his own uses. Beat it Mr Gold, you are a phony.

chris 2011-12-09 18:46:16

He stiffed a guy on a garuantee { dragged it out in court } . In the long settled out of court and looked like a complete JACKASS. If this is a good example for other players. Howard and Jesus need to step right up they are great examples aswell.

Scott Neuman 2011-12-09 15:49:18

Nice article. Good to hear Jamie and the Tropicana working together. Always though Jamie got the short end of the stick. Heard he was doing a decent amount of charity work. Good luck getting the press to pick it up. Good example for other players and the world.