Ivey stomps Isildur1 for $1.2 million

Phil Ivey
Table selection tip: Stay away from Ivey.

Once again, Phil Ivey has stepped up to the plate to show the poker world what's what, destroying Isildur1 to the tune of $1.2 million on the online high-stakes tables.

The match between Ivey and Isildur1 had been brewing since September, when Isildur1 burst onto the high-stakes scene and took over $3 million from Tom "durrrr" Dwan.

The two played briefly a few days ago, with Ivey taking close to $900k from the unkown Swede.

And when the match between the two finally got underway last night, Ivey did not disappoint his leagues of fans.

The two players started the session playing a combination of $500/$1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha and No-Limit Hold'em. After just half an hour, the two took a break with Ivey already up close to $100k.

When they returned, Ivey came out of the gates strong, winning a $354k pot just two minutes into the session.

In the end, the Team Full Tilt Pro remained at the tables for just over three hours, long enough to take another $1.1 million from Isildur1's roll.

But while he was getting destroyed by Ivey, Isildur1 also decided to take on Patrik Antonius.

Antonius stuck around almost twice as long, but was only able to make $400k, despite all five of the night's biggest pots being played out between the two, including the second and third largest in online poker history.

At $783,985 and $774,910 respectively, the pots marked the third time in a week Antonius and Isildur1 had beaten the previous record for online poker's biggest pot ($723,000).

They set a new record of $878,959 Nov. 17.

After losing $1.6 million total on the night, Isildur1's high-stakes profit has dropped down to $2.2 million, less than half of his $5 million dollar peak on Nov. 15.

Below are the three largest pots of the session. To see more hands, including Isildur1's largest pots versus Ivey, head to MarketPulse.


The second largest online pot, ever.



The third largest online pot, ever.



This pot's really big too.


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