Ivey dusts Hellmuth, Omaha for $1.1 million

Phil Ivey

He didn't last very long in the EPT Grand Final. In retrospect, however, it likely didn't ruin Phil Ivey's week very much at all. He used his free time in Monaco to stick Phil Hellmuth for $536,000, then proceeded to smoke three high-stakes online Pot-Limit Omaha sessions for $625,000.

So, all-in-all, likely a fairly nice week for the feared Phil Ivey, depending on how he did on the golf course.

The European Poker Tour's Grand Final hadn't even begun when, according to Hellmuth's own blog, Ivey and Patrik Antonius ran into the "Poker Brat" in their hotel lobby.

Here's how it went down according to Hellmuth:

"I started playing Chinese poker with them for $1,000 a point, and things went south quickly. The next thing you know, I was losing $83,000, and I decided to play for $2,000 a point.

"Things got even worse, and pretty soon I was $180,000 loser, and heading off to Ivey's suite for room service and criss-cross Chinese poker... In any case, things continued to get worse, and the next thing you know I was over $500,000 loser."

Hellmuth's resolution? Take a long walk to the casino for Day 1 of the Grand Final listening to Styx's "Fooling Yourself" and Journey's "Don't Stop Believing."

Ivey, on the other hand, despite a middling performance and an early exit from the Grand Final himself, eventually made his way back to the high-stakes online Pot-Limit Omaha tables to turn over a bit of his profits.

Which also seemed to work out well for him.

Three sessions at $200/$400, as reported by the High Stakes database Web site, in particular paid off for Ivey.

The first: 133 minutes and 141 hands with a profit of $222,375.

The second: 200 minutes and 249 hands, and a profit of $356,492.

And the third: 179 minutes and 229 hands, coming out $95,080 ahead, for a total of about $625,000 in only around nine hours of play.

Most of Ivey's winnings came at the expense of one of the best Internet players in the world, Brian Townsend (Sbrugby) who he took for about $250k, and a player named KObyTAPOUT, who donated about $109k to Ivey's coffers.

High-stakes pro David Benyamine was also in the mix during the sessions, but managed to steer clear of Ivey's wrath.

For all the big hand details, visit www.highstakesdb.com.

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