Ivey crushes seda1 for $600k

Phil Ivey
Ivey: seda1? He's my man.

It's only a matter of time when a deep-pocketed amateur sits down at a high-stakes game with a seasoned pro.

Eventually, the money flows to the pro.

High-stakes rivals Phil Ivey and the as-yet-unidentified seda1 resumed their ongoing battle at $500/$1,000 No-Limit Hold'em yesterday and when the smoke cleared Ivey was left sitting with $800k - $600k of that formerly belonging to seda1.

After a six-hour session of $500/$1,000at Table Ivey Deathmatch on biggest pots won online over the last day, week and month.

 Ivey got the best of it by far, taking at least seven pots over $170k and totaling well over $1 million.

Check out all of the pots and hand histories over in the MarketPulse biggest pots section, but here's how the biggest played out:

Full Tilt Poker Game #5322680218: Table Ivey Deathmatch - $500/$1,000 - No-Limit Hold'em - 19:55:26 ET - 2008/02/19

Seat 1: Phil Ivey ($313,922.50)
Seat 2: seda1 ($192,475.75)

seda1 posts the small blind of $500
Phil Ivey posts the big blind of $1,000

The button is in seat #2

*** HOLE CARDS ***

seda1 raises to $3,000
Phil Ivey raises to $9,000
seda1 calls $6,000

*** FLOP ***

6 8 J

Phil Ivey bets $14,000
seda1 calls $14,000

*** TURN ***

6 8 J 3

Phil Ivey bets $39,000
seda1 raises to $163,000
Phil Ivey raises to $287,000
seda1 calls $6,475.75, and is all-in
Phil Ivey shows [A A]

seda1 shows [7 J]
Uncalled bet of $117,524.25 returned to Phil Ivey

*** RIVER ***

6 8 J 3 9

Phil Ivey shows a pair of aces
seda1 shows a pair of jacks
Phil Ivey wins the pot ($384,951) with a pair of aces
seda1 is sitting out

*** SUMMARY ***

Total pot $384,951.50 | Rake $0.50
Board: [6 8 J 3 9 ]
Seat 1: Phil Ivey (big blind) showed [A A] and won ($384,951) with a pair of aces
Seat 2: seda1 (small blind) showed [7 J] and lost with a pair of jacks

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