Isildur1 vs. durrrr: Isildur1 reaches $3 million

For the fourth night straight Tom "durrrr" Dwan got destroyed by Isildur1, losing over $700k to the Swede on Full Tilt's $500/$1,000 No-Limit Hold'em tables.

After three straight nights of losing to the unknown Swedish player, Dwan returned to MarketPulse.

Dwan picked up 11 outs on the turn.

Why you shouldn't overplay second pair.

13 outs were not enough.

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nicky 2010-04-21 00:28:55

My favourite comment:

Cards are also sometimes marked with a special solution that can only be seen if you wear special contact lenses and the stuff evaporates in about 30 minutes so it leaves no evidence.

dan 2010-02-21 09:01:34

FYI, crazy but the IRS does have rules stating income from illegal activity does require taxes to be paid, regardless of the source. It's how they got al capone. Most criminals (or even regular guys) don't report it or get caught, btu it is an effective way for district attorney's and US Attorney's to pile on when someone is caught.

Reference: IRS

Illegal activities. Income from illegal activities, such as money from dealing illegal drugs, must be included in your income on Form 1040, line 21, or on Schedule C or Schedule C-EZ (Form 1040) if from your self-employment activity.

Matt 2010-02-17 16:38:06

Isildur1..this is not a real person. its a fulltilt's bot to get attention over the other sites. yes it seems like he had lost. but believe me sooner or later you will hear that he cleaned up more than few millions out of everyone.

sonata 2010-02-14 16:07:07

awesome, that's really PRO poker player

Shaun 2010-01-14 15:32:13

Totally agree with Allan Kay, the tv programs don't show 90% of the really boring hands.

And with regard to cheating there was a major crackdown on this years ago... so you could say it is regulated by a 3rd party

Kabelis 2009-12-12 14:42:35

allan kay summed it up pretty damn nicely.My hat goes off to you, sir

allan kay 2009-12-01 08:24:15

whisteblower!!!! are you serious? No industry or business thats not regulated by a 3rd party are thieves? LOL! Please. You have so many errors in your last comment starting with that stupid remark. As far as winning players who aren't pro's or bot's like you say. I know many. I have a friend his who has made a little over 1 million on stars and over $400 K on Full Tilt and he is no "pro" he just happened to quit his office job last year because he was doing so good at poker. I know of at least 20-25 guys who win regularly and are not endorsed by either site. I know about 8 players personnely that have made money, some as little as a few thousand 2 others over $100K and they all still have thier regular jobs. So your are wrong about the only players who win are connected to the site. As far as needing to show ID to cash out, That's 100% B.S. I won a $5 tourny a few years back for $2300. Right after the tourny ended I cashed out $1800. 2 days later FedEx was at my door with a letter with my check in it. I've also cashed out using 2 other methods and never showed pokerstars any ID. As far as your badbeat stories every poker player has them. Let me try and explain why people like you think badbeats always happen online. First of all it's a proven fact when a person doesn't physically have to touch there cash when buying chips and also when betting/raising/calling that the tend to be much more "loose" It has the feel that it isn't really money or that it is much easier to click a mouse button to call a $100 all-in with bottom pair then to put those 20 red $5 chips into the pot. Second the amount of hands that you play online can't even compare to live. At best you will see around 35-40 hands an hour live. I've been online where at my table I've seen over 120 in 1 hour. And if multi-tabling even more so with more hands that you see or play comes the chance of seeing more badbeats, and also playing live you play with a much smaller player pool. Online there are 100,000's of players and most of them are bad players who make horrible mistakes and sometimes suck out. The single biggest reason for more badbeats and outdraws online are the bad players in a hand that they never should of been.(ex. you have QQ and raise 4X BB. 1 guy calls, flop rags and rainbow, you bet pot, guy calls,turn rag, you pot bet again and get called, river is an A or K, you bet again and get called and guy has AK and wins on river) Now that donk should have folded his AK on a flop of rags but no so many bad players will continue to call with AK or AQ when the miss the flop completly. And then you see the player with the QQ type in "jokerstars" what the joke was is not the site but the donk who kept calling with absolute nothing until he rivered a hand. Like I said earlier I've seen to much bad play online to blame the site, it's not the site stealing but the horrible player who happened to get very lucky. Check some stats on players who suck out on you they usually have horrible stats. Cuz they are bad players who over time lose many more times then win. Also usually bad players who go on tilt and continue to play worse and keep losing is not the sites fault, it's the donks fault. Too many people watch a poker TV show and see guys playing suited connectors and bluffing with bad hands and they think thats how poker is played. It's only 1 part of poker. I can tell you most of those guys at TV tables at tournaments did not play that way the whole tourny or they wouldnt of gotten to the final table. And a 2 hour poker TV show is so edited down it's sick. They see a player bluff with 7 2 off and then next hand re-raise a J 10 5 flop with pocket 4's. Those hands might of been 2 hours apart from each other. I read somewhere one time they took 10 hours of playing to make a 2 hour show. And as far as live play, I've seen brutal badbeats live as well as online. These sites make way to much money to allow cheating or to steal themselves. Does cheating happen amongst some players, probably, but the sites don't allow it thats for sure. Good Luck at the tables, sounds like you need it

whistleblower 2009-11-21 22:52:00

Yes and nobody cheats in baseball, olympics and in stock trading or in poker lol

You are pretty naive to think a industry that is not regulated or verified by a true 3rd party is not stealing.

There is really a sucker born every minute, no wonder these sites continue to thrive.

The only people that win are house players/endorsed players, the house and the occasional new player or flagged rake contributing players.

The servers are hosted in Costa Rica and they are connected to the same tribe in Canada that was connected to the Ultimate Bet/AP cheating scandal with the super user account, nobody was ever arrested or identified.

Folks it is the perfect crime, they operate outside US Laws and have convinced the poker community that it is safe game as they recruit “pro players” like Phil Ivey to endorse it.

Where there is smoke, there is fire, and where there is fame and fortune to be made, there is cheating.

Also if you need to cash out, you need to provide identification. Do you know they maybe stealing your identify or using the information you provide for illegal purposes? My advice, don’t play online, you will feel good here and there, but it is designed and programmed to fleece you by delivering bad beat after bad beat or monsters vs monsters. It will put you on tilt and try to extract you for everything you got.

Stick to the casinos and the local tournaments/vegas, you will get real poker games there.

Remember you are playing against players online who may be a bot, the deck maybe rigged, players sharing information over the phone/msn/side by side through different isp providers, insiders and when you lose and complain, the cheaters will ridicule you as being bad at poker and do not have good money management skills or is a losing player.

yeeluvspizza 2009-11-20 12:00:00

allan kay is 100% right...

whistleblower, you have to admit that the UB cheating scandal was probably the best thing to happen to online poker, just like the Wallstreet raised the awareness of everyone. I would be more worried today if there had never been an online poker scandal. Thanks UB!

I don't think Pokerstars or FTP want to end up with UB's current daily average of 10 or 12 thousand players(ouch!) playing on their site and allow cheating. That would just be bad business...and when you are arguably the top two poker sites around you want to stay on top and keep on building your empires!

I am sure all the winning players out there continue to love when losing players make outrageous claims like to the rest of the losing players out there, please keep saying and doing everything you say and do!

allan kay 2009-11-19 22:54:00

ATTENTION Whistleblower,

Why are you such an idiot? You say all poker sites are cheating. No Way. Full Tilt on Pokerstars make way to much money and have such a lot at stake they wouldn't allow it. There image is at risk if they allowed cheating. I'm not saying it might not happen but the sites sure don't allow it. Why would poker sites want to allow cheating? They don't care who wins or losses, the get paid regardless. And Pokerstars has a 3rd party audit system set-up already. Not sure about Full Tilt but I'm sure they do to. These sites make millions of dollars every single day running a legitamite business. Why would they risk their image to allow cheating? And about the "teams" of live players using elaborate signals thats bull. With all the cameras pointed on them someone would of picked up on it. And there is no reason to use elaborate signals in a tournament anyway. You can't dig in your pocket and buy back in once you "helped" your teamate out and lost all your chips. As far as the US Government is concerned they can't touch the sites because they are out of this country, but what they will do and have doen is go after the banks which allow deposits and cash outs to occur. Back earlier this summer the US Government seized 30 million of Pokerstars money in a US bank. And you say tax the sites. The damn US and state Governments can't even get there sales tax of legal transactions online how the hell will they get illegal ones. Only reason the US is mad about this is because they aren't recieving any money from the billions that are being gambled every year. I love my freedoms. On a different note: Do you know it's still against the law in many states for me and my wife to have certain types of forplay? Our government needs to STAY OUT of peoples homes, don't worry about one person is doing in the own home as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. LONG LIVE OUR FREEDOMS

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