Isildur1 Smokes Tollerene for $1.7 Million in Cap PLO

Viktor Blom
Stays home for good reason.

While major live tournaments get underway in Australia, Barcelona and North Carolina this week, Viktor "isildur1" Blom stuck to what he does best this morning - crushing high-stakes online opponents.

The victim this time, according to, was Ben "Bttech86" Tollerene, who burned off $1.7 million to Blom in a six-hour session of Cap PLO.

Starting out one-tabling $500/$1k the two gradually bumped things up to four tables with Isildur running way over EV and racking up over $1m in profit.

Tollerence clawed a bit of it it back but in the last hour dropped another $700k to end the session down a phenomenal $1,703,125.

Thankfully for Tollerene he'd beaten up on Blom a little bit over the last few days to the tune of $900k or so to offset some of the loss.

Blom, meanwhile, put his name right back at the top of the online money winners for 2013 at over $4 million.

For more on yesterday's session check the report here.

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