Isildur1 Loses $190k in Marathon Session

Alexander Kostritsyn
Alexander "PostflopAction" Kostritsyn: The current leader in online profit for 2010.

When he showed up on the scene last year Isildur1 was quite willing to play anyone for any amount.

After getting beat down by Brian Hastings and the Full Tilt crew, he seems to have a new approach to poker in 2010.

Isildur1, who is rumored to be Swede Victor Blom, has been grinding his way back into the big games by playing marathon heads-up battles across multiple tables.

Yesterday Isildur1 played 9,963 hands, which is 6,084 more than Phil Ivey has played over the entire year.

Isildur1's day started with a 2,690 hand heads-up session of $100/$200 No-Limit Hold'em against URnotINdanger2. By the end of this 2.5 hour battle Isildur1 was stuck for $95k.

Up next came 596 hands of $200/$400 Cap Pot-Limit Omaha versus David Benefield and Daniel "FakeSky" Alaei, where Isildur1 made $165k, before moving to a heads-up table to continue the game with just Benefield.

Benefield and Isildur1 played 971 hands of Cap PLO with Isildur1 up $167,861. The two rivals then moved their game to a regular $200/$400 PLO table where they stayed for another 3,106 hands.

By the end of the massive session Benefield had ground back $94,240.

Despite having played over 7,000 hands so far, Isildur1 wasn't anywhere near finished. Unknown online player skjervoy beat Isildur1 for $77k over 982 hands of $100/$200 PLO.

In a final surge of activity Isildur1 won $19,000 over 644 hands of Cap PLO and lost $275k against Alexander "PostflopAction" Kostritsyn in 973 hands of $200/$400 PLO.

At this point Isildur1 finally called it, ending the day down $190,369.

Below you'll find three of Isildur1's biggest hands of the day, or head to MarketPulse for more.


Neither player was folding after that flop.



The nuts with two blockers on the turn, but still only 68% to win.



Aces versus aces.

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