Isildur1 Drops $3.2 Million to Hastings

The dollars

Isildur1 continued his pattern of multi-million dollar bankroll swings by losing over $3.2 million to Brian Hastings on Full Tilt yesterday.

Isildur1’s session started around noon, playing Brian Townsend heads-up at $500/$1,000 PLO. Their session lasted four hours with over 2,400 hands dealt, and despite winning the largest pot of the day, worth $757,998, Townsend left the session up just a little over $45k.

Just six minutes after Townsend mucked his last hand, fellow CardRunners instructer Hastings took the empty seat across from the unknown Swedish player and began to open fire.

The session was a digital massacre from the start with four pots worth over $500k, and another dozen over $400k.

Surprisingly, Hastings actually started the session by losing close to $1 million before going on a sick $4.2 million dollar heater to end the 2,565 hand session up over $3.2 million.

One of the first tables Hastings sat at, named Stony Ridge, began with him putting $100k into play against Isildur1’s $200k across the table.

After multiple $100k+ pots, the two players played the largest pot of their session when Isildur1 moved all in on the turn with top-two pair, getting called by Hastings with a wrap straight draw. The river completed Hasting's straight, shipping him the $682,994 pot.

Thanks to the $682k pot and numerous other pots worth over $100k each, Hastings was able to turn his starting $100k stack into just over $1.3 million before finally dropping the table.

This $3.2 million dollar loss puts the Swedish unknown back down over $2.1 million on the year, almost exactly where he was just five days ago.

Below are the three largest pots of the day. You can find more by clicking to MarketPulse.


A loose call from Isildur1.



Hastings gets there.



The Swede gets one back.


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