Isildur1 Drops $300k to Galfond

Phil Galfond
Phil Galfond

How do you follow up winning $287k in your first day as a sponsored pro on PokerStars? If you’re Isildur1 you promptly lose $300k.

Isildur1, who some claim is Swede Viktor Blom, lost the majority of his stack playing $100/$200 PLO against savvy vet Phil “MrSweets28” Galfond.

Isildur1 is widely considered to be a better No-Limit Hold’em player so his losses in PLO were not a complete surprise.

Swings of this nature are no stranger to Isildur1. Last year Isildur1 went on the mother of all heaters spinning his Full Tilt account up to over $4 million before losing it all and more.

Over on Full Tilt Poker Patrik Antonious was the ultimate winner over a rather slow day. He picked up $147k in the $200/$400 Six-Max PLO games.

Some of the other big winners included new account KobeYard85 with $140k, Limit specialist O Fortuna PLS with $115k, harrington25 with $113k and Gus Hansen with $104k.

Isildur1 was the biggest loser on any site but upstart bemyguestbud saw his hot streak on Full Tilt come to an end losing $274k.

Other notable losers included Phil Ivey, who’s been on a decidedly un-Phil Ivey like downswing lately. Ivey lost a total of $117k over 169 hands.

Also in the losing column were DrugsOrMe who dropped $88k and Andrew Feldman who lost $87k.

For more information about the high stakes action last night, check out our online poker stats section.

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