Isildur1 Draws Big Game Interest

Viktor Blom
Will the truth be revealed?

The prospect of a live shot at Isildur1 continues to draw interest in the PartyPoker Big Game IV.

The latest pro to confirm a spot in the April 11-13 cash game at Les Ambassadeurs Club in London is instructor and Team PokerStars Online Pro Dusty "Leatherass" Schmidt, who says the unknown Swede has definitely peaked his curiosity.

"To play live against Isildur1 is pretty exciting to say the least," he said.

According to PartyPoker, Isildur1, who has spurred heavy action in the high-stakes games online for the past six months, will participate in the live cash game and potentially reveal his identity for the first time ever.

"Big Game IV will be the most hotly anticipated poker show of all time," said Barry Hearn of organizers Matchroom Sport.

"With Isildur1 participating, interest in the made-for-television poker event might be unprecedented."

Schmidt himself has won more than $3 million over more than 8 million hands in the past five years online. He claims to have never had a losing month, and in 2007, achieved PokerStars SuperNova Elite status in just eight months playing cash games exclusively.

"My intention is to grind out the whole 48 hours," said Schmidt. "I'll just have one hand to focus on, so it'll be nice to be able to think things through more.

"I'm also excited to play deeper stacks in a more creative way than I normally would when playing 15 tables at a time."

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