Isildur1 Crushes durrrr in $200k High-Stakes Challenge

Viktor Blom
Viktor Blom proves to be a thorn in Tom Dwan's side once again.

Viktor “Isilidur1” Blom came out on top in a high-stakes online challenge on Full Tilt Poker this weekend, handily winning $200,000 from American pro Tom “durrrr” Dwan.

Blom issued the challenge last Tuesday and less than a week later the two titans were going toe-to-toe on the virtual felt.

What started as a winner-take-all match for $100k quickly ballooned to include a $200,000 buy-in and six tables of $100/$200 heads-up No-Limit Hold’em.

The rules were simple: Battle until one player was left with nothing.

It took only two and a half hours and 1,381 hands for that to happen with Blom dominating the action from start to finish. The biggest pot of the session was a $104k behemoth won by Blom.

Tom Dwan
Tom Dwan hasn't figured out how to beat Viktor Blom.

The match officially ended when Tom Dwan shoved all-in for his last $3,500 with pocket tens and got called by Blom’s A 3.

An ace on the turn put the final nail in Dwan’s coffin and added another win to Blom’s very successful record in high-stakes heads-up challenges.

Blom, Dwan Reprise Legendary Heads-Up Grudge Match

In November of 2009 Isildur1’s identity was still unknown but it didn’t stop him from winning roughly $5 million from Tom Dwan in less than a week.

The loss was devastating for Dwan, representing the majority of the almost $6 million in profits he had racked up on Full Tilt since 2007.

For Isildur1, however, it was an express ticket to prominence in the high-stakes online community.

Since then both Dwan and Blom have won and lost high-stakes heads-up challenges of their own against many of the best players in the world, but it wasn’t until this weekend that poker fans got to see Dwan take another shot against his old rival.

Dwan and Blom, along with Gus Hansen, make up the new team of sponsored pros at Full Tilt Poker, known collectively as The Professionals.

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