Isildur1 and Antonius light up Full Tilt

Patrik Antonius
Patrik Antonius gives a little back

It took over 5,000 hands and a 12-hour session, but Isildur1 left Full Tilt's tables with almost $700k of Patrik Antonius' money last night.

Although no pot-size records were broken in this session, the two played 18 pots worth at least $400k and five worth over $500,000.

Unlike the past few nights, Isildur1 and Antonius played exclusively $500/$1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha, rather than playing half Omaha, half Hold'em.

The largest pot of the session came in at just under $555k. Isildur1 took control after completing his wrap straight draw on the turn, with the same card giving Antonius top two pair.

After a couple of raises, the money went all in with Antonius drawing slim. The river was a blank, shipping the pot to Isildur1 with his nut straight.

The entire session was somewhat of an uphill battle for Antonius after he lost close to $1.6 million in the first 45 minutes. It took him the remainder to try and battle back.

After 5,028 hands spread across 12 hours and 38 minutes, Isildur1 left the tables with a $679k win, putting him back up to $1.2 million in profits on the year.

Below are the largest pots of the session, to see more, head to MarketPulse .


Wrap it up.



Jacks and sevens hold.



Kind of a dirty turn.


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