Lucky You donkey of a film, say critics

Poker flick Lucky You was shelved for months by Warner Bros. and, with the film finally set to open this weekend, critics are saying it wasn't worth the wait.

Reviewers exhaust all possible poker metaphors to poke holes in the script, pace and the performances of the movie's lead actors, Eric Bana and Drew Barrymore.

"A weak hand," opines Variety film critic Brian Lowry, who delivers the kiss of death by saying TV's schmaltzy Celebrity Poker Showdown is probably more alluring than Lucky You.

His complaints? The characters are two-dimensional and the film contains too much card play. The result, Lowry says, is "dull and lifeless."

The near-universal lackluster reviews can't mean good things for the film, which comes up against blockbuster Spider-Man 3 this weekend. In contrast to its superhero competition, Lucky You is being hailed a slow, bland drama.

"Really, all this movie is about is the joy of checks, calls, folds, rivers, and the acquired thrill of knowing what those words mean," writes Entertainment Weekly movie critic Lisa Schwarzbaum, who gave the film a D+ ranking.

Director Curtis Hanson - whose resume includes films L.A. Confidential and 8 Mile - is accused of fetishism by Schwarzbaum, who says his attention to detail such as recreating the look of Bellagio's poker room in 2003 slows the action.

"A passion for authenticity gives way to alienating obsession, and real-time betting brings any dramatic momentum to a halt," she writes.

So in other words, Lucky You the poker community should love it.

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