Hoa Manh Nguyen wins Milwaukee's Best Light Bubble Playoff

Hoa Man Nguyen, from Sunnyvale, Calif., was the lucky winner of the Milwaukee's Best Light 'Bubble' Playoff and won another shot at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) with a seat to the 2007 Main Event and a year's supply of Milwaukee's Best Light beer.

Nguyen thought his Bubble Playoff.

"Obviously I was disappointed with how my day ended Friday, particularly because I was three players out of the money in last year's Main Event" said Nguyen. "But when I learned of the Bubble Playoff, I knew I had another chance to walk away with something, and I did. Obviously, I also look forward to enjoying my Milwaukee's Best Light beer."

Milwaukee's Best Light is the presenting sponsor of the WSOP and hopes to make the Bubble Playoff a yearly event.

"This year's tournament exceeded expectations on so many levels," said Jeffrey Pollack, WSOP commissioner. "With the addition of the Bubble Playoff, Milwaukee's Best Light added a new level of excitement to an already record-breaking tournament. We look forward to seeing Nguyen back here next year."

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