High-Stakes Report: Blom, SanIker Go On $1m Heaters

Viktor Blom
Good week for Isildur.

Online poker's nosebleed tables are getting busy again, but two players hogged most of the profits last week.

Over the last seven days Viktor "Isildur1" Blom and German player SanIker were by far the two most successful players.

Two more Germans – Julius “Kagome Kagome” Fleischer and Cort “the Cortster” Kibler-Melby – also made the top 5 while the biggest donators were Chun “samrostan” Lei Zhou and “Carlooo13."

SanIker and Blom Dominate

This year hasn’t been a very good one for either SanIker or Blom. Both of them have been pretty much regulars on the top 5 biggest losers of the week.

Last week, however, they both went on dramatic heaters that brought them around $1m profit each.

While the German - who once claimed to be a better NLHE heads-up player than Dwan, Blom, or Ivey - mainly stuck to the 2-7 Triple Draw tables, Blom spent most of his time at $1k/2k FL08.

A five-hour session against Carlooo13 was crucial for Blom’s success. He won a massive $630k, relegating Carlooo13 to second-biggest-loser-of-the-week status.

Chun Lei Zhou Pays a Big Bill, Opts Out

Chunlei Zhou
Zhou: Not so keen on tracking right now.

Chinese whale Chun Lei Zhou seems to be pretty fed up. In our last report, he was presented as one of the big-action givers and it actually paid off big time for him.

Over the last seven days, though, he went in the opposite direction again.

The man from Macau produced losses amounting to $800k, which brought him dangerously close to Gus Hansen as the biggest loser of the year so far.

And although samrostan used to be quite open about his losses in the past, he now seems to prefer to lose money more privately.

Just like Alexander Kostritsyn, Ben Tollerene, Niklas Heinecker, Sebastian Ruthenberg and many more, Chun Lei Zhou has now taken the opt-out option and vanished from most of the databases.

Of course we keep track of the stats every day so we will still be able to bring you samrostan’s adventures in the future.

Biggest Pot of the Week

Last week the most expensive hand played out in Pot Limit Omaha for a change.

The limits were $300/$600 and the players at the table were Alexandre alexonmoon Luneau, Chun Lei samrostan Zhou, Mikael punting-peddler Thuritz and AthaCliath.

Thuritz raised pre-flop to $1,800 and AthaCliath 3-bet to $4,200. The other players got out of the way but Thuritz wanted to see a flop. It was


Punting-peddler check-called a bet of $3,400. The turn was the


Now things started to heat up. Punting-peddler checked again, but then raised the $11k bet of his opponent to $36,600. Call from AthaCliath. On the river


Punting-peddler took the lead and moved all-in with his last $72k. Quick call from AthaCliath, and it was an easy decision.

These were the hands at showdown:



Thuritz’s bluff didn’t work against the flopped full house of AthaCliath, who cashed in the full $233k pot.

Nikolaus Jedlicka
Rare appearance for Jedlicka on the losers list.

Biggest Winners of the Week

  • SanIker: $+1,073,390
  • Viktor Isildur1 Blom: $+870,872
  • Julius KagomeKagome Fleischer: $+268,011
  • noobmare: $+227,838
  • Cort thecortster Kibler-Melby: $+212,773

Biggest Losers of the Week

  • Chun samrostan Lei Zhou: $-816,122
  • Carlooo13: $-522,546
  • Alexander PostflopAction Kostritsyn: $-233,239
  • Osama_no_Brunch: $-96,335
  • Niki Jedlicka: $-66,000

Biggest Winners in 2014

  • Niklas Ragen70 Heinecker: $+1,463,133
  • Alexander PostflopAction Kostritsyn: $+1,418,827
  • Dan jungleman12 Cates: $+1,355,295
  • Alexandre alexonmoon Luneau: $+1,234,122
  • Denoking: $+1,199,312

Biggest Losers in 2014

  • Gus Hansen: $-3,545,491
  • Chun samrostan Lei Zhou: $-3,477,314
  • Phil Polarizing Ivey: $-1,815,817
  • CrazyElior: $-1,048,475
  • Paul MalACEsia Phua: $-823,425

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