High-Stakes Report: Antonius Resurfaces, Hansen Reclaims $750k

Patrik Antonius
Antonius returns, jumps back to Top 5.

After vanishing from the high-stakes radar for most of 2014, Patrik Antonius made an impressive comeback last week.

Going on a heater on Monday Antonius kept the initiative and steadily moved up until he had made half a million in profit.

Gus Hansen also had a good week, finishing second overall on last week’s leaderboard.

Bad times were had on the other hand for “Trueteller” and Phil Ivey, whose own comeback doesn’t look promising at all.

PA Owns 8-Game; Hansen Demolishes Trueteller

Patrik Antonius is a truly experienced high-stakes player. It's tough to believe that he is only 33 years old.

Gus Hansen
For a change, Gus administered the beating.

When the Finn doesn’t show up at live tournaments or at any online tables, which has been the case over the last few months or so, it sure leaves players and railbirds wondering.

But a player like Antonius never really disappears. Antonius sat down last Monday, went on a heater and then kept on going the whole week.

The former tennis player needed only 2,500 hands to land a profit of half-a-million dollars. This made him the most successful player of the week, but it also catapulted him back into the top 5 Players of the Year.

For a change, Gus Hansen is right on his heels thanks to a $750k winning session on Thursday.

Surprisingly, he was most profitable at 2-7 Triple Draw, which is not really Hansen’s game. He took plenty of money from Followthehawk and Trueteller, the latter of whom has had two terrible weeks in a row now.

Having lost more than $1m in a fortnight, Trueteller dropped out of the list of the Top 5 players so far in 2014.

Mikael Thuritz
No luck for Thuritz this time.

Depressing Comeback for Phil Ivey

Besides Antonius and Hansen, Phil Ivey is another former Full Tilt Pro still roaming the nosebleed tables.

Ivey sometimes disappears for months but eventually he always comes back. Just like last week.

Looking at how he fared, however, one can't help but wonder if Ivey is still on top of his online game. Since Black Friday killed Ivey’s “unlimited” bankroll he plays as Polarizing, and Polarizing loses money continuously.

Last week it only took 1,600 hands to cut $600k out of Ivey’s bankroll and he's now lost more than $5m under his new nickname.

The player routinely called "the best in the world" needs to step it up a little so he doesn’t get run over by his high-stakes peers.

Biggest Hand of the Week

We haven’t seen this in a long time: The largest pot of the week played out in Pot-Limit Omaha. And now brace yourselves: the winner was Chun samrostan Lei Zhou. Finally.

The table was a mixed-game table and the blinds were $300/$600. The players at the table were top class: Patrik FinddaGrind Antonius (SB), Mikael punting-peddler Thuritz (BB), Elior CrazyElior Sion, Alexander PostflopAction Kostritsyn and Chun samrostan Lei Zhou.

There was a filtering process pre-flop that determined who was going to be in this huge hand and who wasn’t.

Sion and Kostritsyn had no interest in this hand. Chun raised to $2,100, which kept Antonius from joining in. Thuritz raised it up to $6,600 and his Chinese opponent was the only one to stay in the hand.

The flop was


Swedish high-roller Thuritz followed with a c-bet of almost $10k. samrostan didn’t hesitate long and made the call. The turn was the


Now things really started to heat up. Thuritz made a cunning check, then check-raised the $15k bet of Chun to $75k all-in. Chun called and there were now almost $190k in the middle.

The river was agreed to be dealt twice. It came


These were the hands at showdown:



Thuritz played his pair of aces with the nut-flush draw full speed but none of his outs came in. samrostan, on the other hand, won the first draw with a straight and the second one with two pair.

A big pot of almost $200k would usually have a very positive effect on almost anyone’s bankroll. Chun’s terrible run in 2014, however, is far from over.

Biggest Winners of the Week

Phil Ivey
-$5m and sinking for Polarizing.

  • Patrik FinddaGrind Antonius: $+517,845
  • Gus Hansen: $+319,999
  • Alexander PostflopAction Kostritsyn: $+252,345
  • Julius KagomeKagome Fleischer: $+208,256
  • Phil OMGClayAiken Galfond: $+183,867

Biggest Losers of the Week

  • Trueteller: $-673,174
  • Phil Polarizing Ivey: $-590,322
  • FollowTheHawk: $-227,292
  • Alexandre Alexonmoon Luneau: $-201,492
  • Chun samrostan Lei Zhou: $-193,499

Biggest Winners in 2014

  • Dan jungleman12 Cates: $+2,833,671
  • Alexander PostflopAction Kostritsyn: $+2,841,636
  • Alexandre alexonmoon Luneau: $+2,004,818
  • Patrik FinddaGrind Antonius: $+1,965,950
  • Mikael Punting-Peddler Thuritz: $+1.874.499

Biggest Losers in 2014

  • Chun samrostan Lei Zhou: $-6,365,003
  • Gus Hansen: $-4,506,993
  • Phil Polarizing Ivey: $-2,406,139
  • Viktor Isildur1 Blom: $-1,756,072
  • Julius KagomeKagome Fleischer: $-1,337,176

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