High Stakes Poker: Don't bluff billionaires

Jamie Gold
Millionaire Jamie Gold tried to bluff billionaire Guy Laliberte and failed.

The latest episode of High Stakes Poker saw $5 million in play. Cirque du Soleil billionaire Guy Laliberté unleashed most of the action at the table.

The minimum buy-in for the High Stakes Poker table had been raised from $100,000 to $500,000, and the players were prepared for something out of the ordinary to happen.

In one of the first hands of the show, Laliberté flopped a pair of aces holding Ac-Jh, and bet $12,000.

Jamie Gold, who has repeatedly said that he wants to be known as the "best bluffer in the world," re-raised to $32,000 with absolutely nothing.

Laliberté had no intention of letting his hand go, however, and made another raise, this time to $82,000. Gold folded immediately, and showed his 8s-4s to the entire table.

"Lesson No. 1 for the potentially best bluffer in the world: don't try to bluff billionaires," High Stakes Poker host Gabe Kaplan commented.

Gold got his revenge a little later, in a hand against Doyle Brunson. Both players made a flush on the turn with Gold holding 9s-7s and Brunson sitting with Ts-8s.

Brunson bet $25,000, and Gold raised to $125,000. "The Godfather of Poker" thought about it for a while before laying down the best hand.

Many more exciting hands were played at the South Point Hotel and Casino, including an extraordinary seven-deuce bluff from David Benyamine.

It was, however, Laliberté who dominated the game for the most part. The only amateur at the table hit a number of rivers to win big pots, and after one hand where he caught a runner-runner flush, Brunson couldn't take it anymore:

"I hate Canadians. I think if you're not an American citizen you shouldn't be allowed to play in this game," Brunson said with a big smile on his face.

Laliberté will be back in next week's episode however, and judging by the trailer, the action will be even crazier, and the pots even bigger.

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