Here comes the World Poker Crown poker has decided to wade into offering prestigious online poker tournament series and their first venture will yield some incredible benefits for the victors.

The World Poker Crown will be the company's first and biggest global poker tournament. It will offer a prize pool of at least $3 million, with first place garnering a $1 million prize. In addition, the WPC's final event will take place in Barcelona, Spain, where the winner will be awarded a real crown.

"The WPC is a very exciting new poker tournament and the biggest we have ever offered players," said's Marketing Director Matt Robinson. "Anyone can take the World Poker Crown, win the million dollars first prize and become a poker legend."

In addition to the first prize of $1 million, 10% of the players in the WPC will receive a share of the $3 million prize pool. The direct buy-in for the WPC is $1,000+$50 but Pacific Poker Upgrades Software

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