Hellmuth to hand out advice via teleclass

Phil Hellmuth

First they brought you Phil Hellmuth via downloadable video to help improve your poker game, now iAmplifyVegas.com is bringing poker fans the man himself via a live telephone coaching call Friday.

The "teleclass" is the first of its kind and is available for poker players who've purchased the Ultimate White to Black Belt Poker Course.

Participants have until 6 p.m. (EDT) Friday, May 4, to register for the teleclass. The call will then begin at 9 p.m. (EDT) and is expected to last at least an hour.

"It's a really cool situation for people," said Kipp Marcus, iAmplifyVegas.com vice president creative and content acquisition.

He explained that people will be able to listen in on the class, and once it's completed it will be available for them to download onto their iPod, laptop or other portable media device. That's on top of the video classes they'll already have.

This first class is an introductory offer that will give people who've purchased the Ultimate White to Black Belt Poker Course a chance to see what the teleclasses will be like. More will be offered in the future, separate from the course.

"This is for people that are serious about the game, or thinking about getting serious," Marcus said.

During the class Phil Hellmuth will focus on the World Series of Poker and tournament strategy. He will also answer questions that have been submitted beforehand by participants.

"It's fair to say this call will have over 1,000 people on it," Marcus said, adding that it will be a very global call because people from all over the world have purchased the course.

The Ultimate White to Black Belt Poker Course includes 48 instructional video downloads featuring more than four hours of Hellmuth's best poker tips and strategy.

The complete set with the teleclass is available for a special bundled price of $149.95. Normally the set would cost $199.95, and teleclasses purchased separately will cost $250.

The different belt levels of the course can also be purchased separately. For more information about these and other poker courses from pro Antonio Esfandiari and former FBI Agent Joe Navarro, visit www.iAmplifyVegas.com.

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