World Series of Poker brand extended to mobile poker system

Harrah's Entertainment, Inc. has extended its World Series of Poker (WSOP) brand to the Progressive Gaming International Corporation (PGIC) for its new World Series of Poker "Peer to Peer" Texas Hold'em game that brings wireless poker play to the casinos.

The game is designed to allow people to play poker on a wired or wireless device on a secure intranet server instead of having to be physically located at a poker table. They can play from anywhere on the casino property.

The WSOP "Peer to Peer" system is expected to be offered on a wireless and wired platform so players can play from a mobile device or a fixed terminal. PGIC is awaiting Gaming Laboratories International approval and has committed to placing a minimum number of units based on early customer interest.

"Many regulated operators do not have poker rooms. The World Series of Poker 'Peer to Peer' Texas Hold'em gaming system provides operators with the ability to offer their patrons the opportunity to participate in exciting Texas Hold'em poker game competitions that capture the excitement of an authentic WSOP experience," said Ken Weil, Harrah's senior vice president of gaming.

"As a casino operator and brand licensor, we are very excited by the strategic and economic opportunity that the World Series of Poker 'Peer to Peer' Texas Hold'em gaming system can provide Harrah's."

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