Hansen Stakes 18+ Danes in Main Event for 80%

Gus Hansen
Gus Hansen.

Danish poker icon Gus Hansen is putting his money on the line to stake about 18 of his fellow Danes into the Main Event.

If a few of them go deep, Hansen's looking at a pretty big payday as they've all agreed to give him 80% of the profits.

According to our sister site PokerListings.dk, Gus put the word out he was looking for players to stake in the Main Event and got 100+ applications.

Of those 100, he settled on 18 as of yesterday with a few more under consideration.

All agreed to take Gus’s stake in return for him getting 80% of the profits.

gustavs kontrakt
Gus's staking contract. (Photo: Slowplay.dk).

The list of 18 who took him up on his offer:

Aske Muff
Simon Borg
Vera Kelleher
Rune Vestermark
Jaroslav Tjepan
Morten Ahrensbach
Anders Sakellaries
Lasse Sørensen
Nicholas Liljegren
Kim Frederiksen
Dan Larsen
Thomas Theis Andersen
Jonas Hüttel
Claus Nielsen
Lars Houmark
Soren Blanner
Philip Jacobsen
Klaus Rasmussen

A couple of players got things underway yesterday on Day 1b but most will hit the felt along with Hansen himself on Day 1c today.

Hansen told Danish poker site pokernyhederne a few more might even make it in and that he expects “10 players ready for day 2 with large stacks.”

If Hansen sticks with just the 18 horses, they’ll need to cash for at least $225,000 total for him to break even.

To follow all the Day 1c action, click through to our 2012 World Series of Poker live coverage section, sponsored by 888poker.com.

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