Gus Hansen not safe from Urindanger

Gus Hansen

Say what you will about Gus Hansen, the Great Dane never gives up.

A great deal of the Dang brothers' poker profits have come from Hansen, but that never stops him from taking them on again.

Last night it was Di "Urindanger" Dang's turn to match up with the Full Tilt pro, and the chips were flying.

As usual, the game was $500/$1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha and the location was the Hansen Hangout table on Full Tilt Poker.

Hansen actually won the biggest hand of the night when he turned a straight against Di to drag a $115,197 pot, but the younger Dang quickly responded with a few $100k pot wins of his own.

In the sickest hand of the night, Hansen actually had Di drawing to just one out after they got it all-in on the turn.

Hansen held trip threes while the best Di could offer was two aces. Hansen held a third ace in his hand, meaning only the A could save Di.

That's just what came on the river and Dang happily raked another $100k pot.

Check below for both of the Di vs. Gus hands in the PokerListings hand replayer:

Soooo sick!

Gus Hansen gets some measure of revenge

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