Gus Hansen goes for the knockout

Gus Hansen
Them's fightin' words.

Bookmakers may be making Gus Hansen the underdog in his boxing match with Theo Jorgensen this week, but he is ready to buck the odds.

"The bookies have [Jorgensen] as a 60-40 favorite right now and that's fine with me," Hansen told PokerListings in an exclusive interview Monday. "I think his technique is better, but I am in better shape, and we'll both try and make the match about what we're good at."

Hansen admits Jorgensen may have the advantage in sheer technique, but he still feels he has an edge over the WSOPE bracelet winner.

"We are approaching the match differently," he said. "He wants to be more of a technician, using the long jab, but I want more of a physical match."

It appears the fight is more than just a shameless publicity stunt. There is a real rivalry between the two high-profile poker players, fostered through regular confrontations on the felt as well as off the tables on the squash court.

The squash games were where the idea first germinated, with Jorgensen fed up with losing to Hansen and having to endure his shadow-boxing celebrations.

Jorgensen issued the challenge to settle their differences in the ring, and Hansen seized the opportunity to silence his nemesis once and for all.

Both players have taken their preparations seriously, training hard under the tutelage of professional boxing coaches, though Hansen was forced to put his training on the back burner for a short while.

"I had a little break in my training because I did have knee surgery two and a half months ago," Hansen explained. "But maybe I'm just bluffing and maybe I'll make a big bet [on myself] just before the fight."

With massive bragging rights at stake, neither will want to lose, and opinion is split in the poker community as to which combatant will be left kissing the canvas once the final bell has rung.

High-stakes Norwegian pro Johnny Lodden weighed in with his thoughts as the fight approaches.

"I think Theo's going to win," he revealed."I have some inside information."

The fight is set for Feb. 21 here in Copenhagen and will be streamed live on Hansen's new Web site,

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