Gus Hansen crushes all opposition

Gus Hansen
Possibly the largest win of his online career

Over the 24 hours of April 24th, the biggest online winner was none other than Gus Hansen, posting a win of over $1.1 million.

As an almost mirrored image, the largest loser over the last 24 hours was the online goliath Urindanger posting a loss of just under $1 million.

Results over the last 24 hours:



  • Urindanger: -$973,879.25
  • OMGClayAiken: -$180,002.50
  • LarsLuzak: -$103,436.50
  • Ziigmund: -$47,085.90

The players everyone expects to win either posted a loss, or barely made it into the black. Not only did Gus Hansen absolutely destroy all opposition, he cleared over four times as much profit as the second best finisher of the day.

If you include the action from today, durrrr has posted one of his largest losses ever, losing close to $1.1 million, mostly to Gus Hansen. With the profit made from holding over on durrrr, Hansen continues his upswing netting nearly $1.9 million.

Here are some of the largest hands of the latest sessions (you might see a recurring theme throughout the hands):


It's hard to beat quads

It's hard to beat the nuts

Surprisingly, Aces Hold

Have you discovered the theme yet?

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