Gus Gives it All Back, Approaches $20m in Online Losses

Gus Hansen
#whenwillitend for Gus Hansen.

Less than 72 hours after clawing back $1.2m of his online losses with a nice heater, Gus Hansen has lost it all back and more.

Starting the week off on a high note Hansen surged back up the profit charts with a nice run at the 2-7 and 8-Game tables Monday/Tuesday.

Taking six-figure scores off of several tables Hansen managed to put over $1.2m back in his bankroll and things seemed to be looking up.

The next few days have not been quite as kind, however.

Can't Keep Momentum, Nearing $20m in Losses

According to HighStakesDB Hansen had a disastrous day at $300/$600 NLHE and 8-Game on Wednesday, dropping $750k of his winnings right back.

Alex Kostritsyn
Hansen can't fade Kostritsyn's post-flop action.

The losses continued over the past 24 hours with Hansen trickling the rest of his week's profits away - mostly at the 2-7 tables against Alex "PostFlopAction" Kostritsyn.

The two played heads-up for over seven hours yesterday with Kostritsyn edging ahead near the middle of the session and piling it on near the end, eventually dinging Hansen for $317.7k.

Despite the positive swing early in the week Hansen's total online losses since the end of 2012 have now reached an astounding $15m.

That puts his career losses online at $19m and climbing.

More on this week's sessions at hsdb here.

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