GPI Intros New Fantasy Poker Facebook Game

Fantasy Poker Manager on Facebook Mozilla Firefox 1312013 90941 AM
Fantasy Poker Manager lets you create and manage your own team of poker pros.

The Global Poker Index unveiled its new Facebook game that takes the popular fantasy-league concept and applies it to live poker tournaments around the world.

Called Fantasy Poker Manager, the new social game allows poker fans to create and manage teams of professional poker players and compete based on how well those pros perform.

The game allows you to compete against players within your own customized league, as well as battle other players on Facebook in one-on-one challenges.

“The Fantasy Poker Manager fills an important spot in the poker community, acting as a bridge between online poker, social poker, and live tournament poker," said CEO Alex Dreyfus.

“It will help promote poker as the sport that it is and will bring the fans and professionals closer together."

Like fantasy-league games based on other professional sports, Fantasy Poker Manager gives you a finite amount of cash and lets you buy players priced relative to their expected performance.

But the app also lets you earn additional credits by making trades, taking their poker quiz, completing the 52 “achievements” or simply purchasing them for real money.

And since the market price of each poker pro is constantly changing with their GPI ranking, you can earn credits simply by buying and selling players.

The game has already gained a few early-adopters including Kevmath, Liv Boeree and Marvin Rettenmaier.

Here are some screenshots:

Fantasy Poker Manager on Facebook Mozilla Firefox 1312013 90844 AMFantasy Poker Manager on Facebook 2Fantasy Poker Manager on Facebook 3Fantasy Poker Manager on Facebook
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