Garrett Adelstein Blindsided in First Episode of Survivor: Cagayan

One and done.

High-stakes poker pro Garrett Adelstein became one of the rare contestants to get snuffed his first episode of Survivor despite possessing an immunity idol last night.

Adelstein was featured prominently in the first episode of Survivor: Cagayan and ended up being a casualty of some bizarre decisions by his Brains tribe at the second tribal council.

Despite snagging an immunity idol on the very first day of play, Adelstein felt so confident in his position on his tribe he decided not to use it. He was blindsided in the vote 3-2.

“It was really embarrassing in a lot of different ways,” said Adelstein after the vote.

Despite being categorized as the smart tribe, the Brains tribe made some of the most questionable decisions in the history of Survivor.

Adelstein's 'Brains' Tribe Loses First Two Immunity Challenges

Garrett Adelstein
Garrett Adelstein at the PCA.

The Brains tribe dropped two consecutive challenges and then voted out their two strongest members in Miami Marlins President David Samson and Adelstein.

Nuclear engineer J’Tia Taylor, who was on the chopping block, decided to exact revenge on the tribe by throwing all their rice in the fire. The tribe opted to keep Taylor and instead vote out Adelstein. 

“This is the oddest tribe I’ve ever seen,” said the stunned host Jeff Probst after the final vote.

While Adelstein’s biggest mistake was obviously not playing his hidden immunity idol, he also made the classic blunder of running an open forum about who to vote out just before tribal council.

His tribemates resented being forced to strategize in the open and instead decided to vote out Adelstein.

Jean-Robert Bellande, who finished ninth in Survivor: China, remains the longest lasting poker player to take part in the CBS reality show.

Adelstein appeared optimistic on Twitter after the show:

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Hank 2014-03-02 13:33:25

well, that was embarrassing

Kevin Campbell 2014-02-27 16:13:25

sure hope he's a better poker player than survivor player. For a self-described "superfan" he made several really BASIC boneheaded mistakes and paid the price. Sheesh!

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