Full Tilt awards more money to PL.com players

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Week after week, PokerListings.com players reap the benefits of the exclusive weekly $3,000 freeroll at Full Tilt Poker.

This week it was intergross who came out with the largest chunk of the prize pool after toppling a field of 94 players.

Each of them earned their way into the freeroll by accumulating 150 player points during the week prior to the freeroll. For intergross, that meant picking up $960 without having to shell out another dime of his own money.

The 34-year-old is a self-described professional gambler. Usually he's a backgammon player, but he said poker is his new interest.

He's been playing the game for about six months now, and was attracted to it because of the potential for big money. In fact, even though he says he's just a beginner in the game, his biggest win so far is $10,000.


Still, he said he was "very lucky" when asked how he achieved his win in the Full Tilt Poker freeroll. intergross is getting plenty of practice, though, which could also account for his win.

He says he plays poker online every day, and every day he's playing at Full Tilt Poker, which he considers one of the best poker rooms. He also checks out PokerListings.com on a daily basis, and says he finds the best information online about poker there.

Now intergross plans to use his extra $960 to play in other tournaments and continue playing poker professionally.

The final-table results of the freeroll were:

Place Name Prize
1st intergross $960
2nd dglizda $585
3rd coke1978 $420
4th beloumi $330
5th Zephyr Indigo $240
6th tymmyk4 $180
7th stormin618 $120
8th sb007ck $90
9th SaintGabriel $75

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