Fox to Air PokerStars High Stakes Cash Show

Daniel Negreanu
'This show has all the necessary bells and whistles to make it a monster success on television.'

PokerStars is filming a new high-stakes cash game TV show this May that will air on Fox five days a week starting in June.

The Big Game will feature a table filled with some the world's best poker pros, including Team PokerStars Pros Daniel Negreanu, Vanessa Rousso, Jason Mercier, Barry Greenstein, Chris Moneymaker and Greg Raymer.

Each week, top amateurs, a PokerStars SuperNova Elite player and one qualifier, dubbed the Loose Cannon, will join the table.

Plus, to increase the action, the Loose Cannon will bring a $100,000 stake to the game and only be able to keep what he or she makes over that amount.

Should the qualifier turn a profit, he or she will then be given the choice to walk away or return for one more make-or-break session.

Four online qualifiers are running daily on

"This show has all the necessary bells and whistles to make it a monster success on television," said Negreanu. "It's a cash game, which all die hard poker fans prefer and it's guaranteed to be action packed with the introduction of the Loose Cannon.

"For the viewer and fan, not only will they get an inside look into how pros think about the game, but they'll also get a chance to actually appear on the show. I can't wait to play."

Blinds in the No-Limit Hold'em game will be set at $200/$400 with a $100 ante. Each session will go 150 hands.

The one-hour show, produced by M&M Productions and Hollybrook Regency, will be filmed in Las Vegas this May and begin airing on Fox June 14.

Presented by Amanda Leatherman, the show will also include player interviews and features delving into the lifestyles of the pros.

At the conclusion of 12 weeks on the air, the top Loose Cannon of the season will win a NAPT Passport, giving him or her free entry into all NAPT events for the next year.

Play with Jason Mercier on PokerStars

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thatsjustharsh 2010-05-01 23:12:35

This is great news! I will certainly be watching every episode that I can. I really like the idea of having someone sit with 100K and be able to keep potential profit, and be able to come back for another go-round if they want to. Sounds like fun.