First-time ladies event at 2008 Irish Poker Open

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Paddy Power Poker announced the full schedule of side events for the 2008 Irish Open yesterday. For the first time, the tournament series will include a ladies event.

"I am very excited about it. I have always felt something of a personal compunction to help bring more women into the game," said Nikki Newman, Paddy Power Poker head of poker.

"Colette Doherty, Irene Tier and Jenny Heggerty (past Irish Poker Open winners) showed us just how much power there is in the Irish ladies game. So what better backdrop could there be for a ladies poker event than the Irish Open itself!"

The Irish Poker Open will take place in March 2008 at the Citywest Hotel in Dublin. The main event will kick off the series on March 20 and the other events will begin playing after the main event's two Day 1's are done.

The Irish Open 2008 schedule is:

  • March 19: Ђ300+ Ђ30 Main event super
  • March 20: Ђ4,200+ Ђ300 Irish Open main event Day 1a
  • March 21: Main event Day 1b
  • March 22: Ђ300+Ђ30 Irish Open Ladies No-Limit Hold'em freezeout
  • March 22: Ђ1,500+Ђ150 No-Limit Hold'em freezeout (two-day event)
  • March 23: Ђ400+Ђ40 Pot-Limit Omaha re-buy
  • March 24: Ђ270+Ђ30+Ђ30 No-Limit Hold'em Double Chance Scalp

The main event will have a Ђ3 million guaranteed prize pool. Players can qualify for the event online at Paddy Power Poker.

Another interesting twist is the Double-Chance Scalp event taking place March 24. The format will see each player starting the event with half their starting stack. They will then be allowed to take the second half of their chips anytime between the first hand and the first break.

Players will be given a scalp chip with their second set of chips and must give their scalp, which is worth Ђ30, to the player who knocks them out of the tournament.

Players can register and pay online for any of the Irish Poker Open events at

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