Faster, Feature-Rich Unibet Poker 2.0 Set to Launch in October

Table   UO background
The brand-new Unibet software.

Two years ago Unibet made the brave decision to leave the Microgaming network and create its own stand-alone poker software.

Now it’s time for the next step.

The Unibet software that launched roughly two years ago was designed with a focus on the recreational player instead of the grinders, not only at the tables but also on their bankrolls. Third party software such as HUDs were banned, sharks were no longer able to choose the tables with beginners or fishes and most promotions such as challenges and missions were targeting players who only played a few hours a day.

Even table chat was restricted in order to protect beginners from abuse in the chatbox.

The shift towards recreational players has worked well for Unibet. While many operators have experienced a downward trend since 2013, Unibet’s player pool and income from rake has grown steadily.

Their attempt to fix poker has shown that it is possible to turn the tide for online poker by changing the focus – a trend what other poker sites have also realized.

Hitting Limits with Current Software

Avatars   New Identity
A look at Unibet 2.0's new avatars.

Unibet’s current software has also proved to have certain limitations to develop it further as it is programmed in Adobe. Consequently, Relax Gaming, creator of Unibet’s software is developing a new version of the software, which is to be launched in October.

An alpha version of the software was presented to the press, including PokerListings, at the Unibet Open in Copenhagen in August.

Andrew West, Head of Poker at Unibet, explained why the new software is necessary.

“If you see our software as a skyscraper we had reached a point where we were unable to add new levels on top,” he said.

“For this reason we decided to create a new software where we can decide ourselves how many levels we want to build on top.”

Better Graphics, More Stable Software

Table   Preflop with Holecards

According to West, the new version 2.0 will be faster and more stable. Graphics have been given a lift and the new software will also include a smartphone version for Android and iOS.

Players will also notice that it will be possible to combine poker tables with other Unibet products, for example a livestreamed football game with sports betting options or a casino table.

Unibet has also included several improvements suggested by the players. The hand history section will be more easy to use and Twitch streamers will have better options to avoid revealing important details about their account unintentionally.

Unibet Getting Praise from Grinders, Rec Players

The selection of poker games will not be changed except from the introduction of re-buy tournaments.
When Unibet launched their recreational player focused software two years ago was it generally well received by the players, even grinders. Other sites have been criticized for their efforts to accommodate recreational players.

The Unibet Poker 2.0 lobby.

Andrew West explained why this has been the case.

“We decided to implement around 20 measures at once when launching our software while other sites have done it piece by piece. By doing so it does not feel like a punishment for the loyal players.”

“We are two and a half years ahead of our competitors in implementing this and I am absolutely convinced that this is the way to go to make poker more fun again”.

Oct. 3 is currently set as the launch date for the new software. In connection with the launch Unibet will have a campaign with €250,000 worth of travel experiences in prizes.

Written by Thomas Hviid

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