'Enigma' wins U.K. Open Event 4

NPL U.K. Open final table
Final table of Event 4 at the National Poker League U.K. Open in London.

Event 4 of the National Poker League U.K. Open was the tournament's second £1,250 No-Limit Hold'em event . With 15 players heading to the Loose Cannon Club in London, it was Tony Poulengeris who took home the largest chunk of the £18,750 prize pool.

Poulengeris, who called himself the Enigma, joins pros like Dave Colclough and Mel Judah as event champions at the U.K. Open. Another pro also made a run for a win, with Roland De Wolfe making the final table of this event.

Going into the final table, the players and chip counts were:

  • Andrew Feldman, 27,100
  • Darren Woods, 26,000
  • Roland De Wolfe, 19,775
  • Guy Bowles, 12,000
  • Tony Poulengeris, 10,580
  • Gary Jones, 9,575

Gary Jones, unable to make up for being the short stack, went out only 19 hands into final-table play. He pushed his last $6,500 in with pocket nines, and Roland De Wolfe called him with A-4.

Jones still had the lead after the flop came K-8-7, but an ace dropped on the turn, pairing up De Wolfe and a six on the river sealed Jones' fate.

He headed to the rail with the satisfaction of making it into the televised final table, but with no cash to show for it.

Just five hands later, De Wolfe took out another player as Guy Bowled moved all-in with pocket sixes. De Wolfe called him with K-3, and paired up his king when the flop came K-T-5. An ace and then a four couldn't help Bowles, and he went out just before the money in fifth place.

Karma must have come back to hit De Wolfe, because after taking out the first two players at the final table, he was then eliminated in fourth place.

De Wolfe went all-in pre-flop with K-Q and was called by Poulengeris, who had A-K. A board of 9-5-2-6-4 couldn't improve either player, so Poulengeris took the pot with ace-high. De Wolfe didn't go home empty-handed, though. Fourth place paid out £1,850.

Andrew Feldman still held the chip lead going into three-handed play. He'd now stretched his advantage to about $10,000 over Darren Woods and Poulengeris, but it wouldn't do him any good against the Enigma.

First Poulengeris sent Woods to the rail on a hand where he held A-J and Woods re-raised him all-in with pocket deuces. Poulengeris called, and a board of K-Q-8-J-6 paired up his jack to give him the pot, and give Woods the shaft.

Poulengeris was still at a significant chip disadvantage going into heads-up play with Feldman, and the battle raged on until Feldman raised pre-flop with A-9 to be flat-called by Poulengeris who held J-8.

A flop of 8-7-3 gave Poulengeris a pair, and after Feldman bet out $8,000, Poulengeris shoved all-in.

It took several minutes of thought before Feldman decided to call, and after the turn brought a ten and the river a four, his tournament was over.

The final-table results were:

Place Name Prize
1st Tony Poulengeris £8,400
2nd Andrew Feldman £5,650
3rd Darren Woods £2,850
4th Roland De Wolfe £1,850
5th Guy Bowles £0
6th Gary Jones £0

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