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The U.K. Gambling Commission recently published its testing approach for online gambling software, and now eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) is expressing its support of the testing procedures.

Andrew Beveridge, eCOGRA CEO, said the organization is especially pleased the commission has recognized the validity of outcome-based testing principles and methodology.

"It is encouraging to see that the commission has officially adopted outcome-based testing to assess compliance with their remote gambling technical standards," the CEO said.

In addition to the outcome-based testing, the Gambling Commission will also require verification that the development, implementation and maintenance of a company's gambling software is representative of best practice standards - another standard held by eCOGRA as well.

The U.K. Gambling Commission has released a list of companies that applied for remote operator licenses. Some familiar names on the list are Betfair and Bodog.

Bodog Poker has already taken steps to fall in line with the United Kingdom's standards. It recently received U.K. Gaming Associates certification for its random number generator.

"We've always prided ourselves on being the safest, most secure and customer service driven company in the industry," said Calvin Ayre, Bodog Entertainment founder. "It's our dedication to the safety, security and service given to Bodog's users that sets us apart from the competition and raises the bar for the industry as a whole."

According to a Bodog press release, being certified by Gaming Associates of the U.K. is yet another milestone in the illustrious life of Bodog Poker which, coupled with Bodog Entertainment's recent expansion into the British market, will no doubt position Bodog Poker at the top of the industry.

The next milestone for the gaming company will be an operator's license from the U.K. Gaming Commission.

Beveridge said the commission's decision of using outcome-based testing for remote gambling testing was a positive event for the industry.

"This is the sort of thing we have been applying since eCOGRA started operations almost five years ago, and we know from experience that the principles and methodology is [sic] effective," Beveridge said.

He also noted that eCOGRA goes even further than the guidelines set out by the U.K. Gambling Commission. eCOGRA's random number generator (RNG) testing incorporates every live gaming transaction on an ongoing basis, and the organization performs monthly payout percentage testing.

"RNG testing per se actually says little about the fairness of a game - a random game with a 40% payout is hardly fair for example," Beveridge said.

Beveridge also said he has little doubt that the test regime prescribed by the U.K. Gambling Commission will have a positive influence on the testing methodologies accepted by other credible licensing jurisdictions.

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