Eastgate fires back on High Stakes Poker hands

Peter Eastgate
Sparring with durrrr was a great experience for Eastgate.

Peter Eastgate had high praise for the talent assembled during his stint on the latest High Stakes Poker.

The stellar roster for the most recent installment of the series included Tom Dwan, Daniel Negreanu, Barry Greenstein, Illari Sahamies, Peter Eastgate, Eli Elezra and Doyle Brunson.

However, Eastgate's biggest battle at the table was against Tom "durrrr" Dwan.

WSOP Main Event champion Eastgate spoke to PokerListings about his battles with Tom Dwan in the latest episodes of the high-profile show, giving valuable insight into his thought processes.

One of the biggest pots saw Eastgate best Dwan in a much-debated hand wherein both players made trip sixes. (PokerListings strategy expert Daniel Skolovy talks through his thoughts about the hand here.)

Eastgate ended up winning the pot with his superior kicker, but Dwan's comically shocked face seemed to suggest that he felt Eastgate had missed some value by not raising the river.

Eastgate disagreed with that view.

"He showed a lot of strength in that hand," explained Eastgate.

"If I was going to raise, I would rather have raised the turn than the river, but I was happy with the way I played the hand."

High-stakes French pro Arnaud Mattern was quick to agree with Eastgate's synopsis. "I think he played the hand well," said Mattern.

"Maybe Durrrr was trying to give him the needle to put him off his game."

Eastgate raked in a $175k pot there, but Dwan would get revenge on the Dane later.

The players locked horns once more following a preflop raise from Barry Greenstein's aces that was called by the entire table.

Eastgate again made trips, his 2 4 connecting sweetly with the T-2-2 flop.

Tom Dwan
durrrr "may be the best."

This time, however, Eastgate laid down his trips on the turn after Dwan made a blockbuster $100,000+ bet, and once Greenstein also reluctantly passed his aces, durrrr picked up another huge pot.

Despite the fact he later learned he was well ahead of Dwan's Q-T, Eastgate felt he made the right decision.

"I thought he maybe had ace-deuce, something like that," revealed Eastgate.

"He showed a lot of strength and I didn't like my hand after his big bet on the turn. I didn't feel too sick afterward as in the situation I think I made the correct fold. I should have perhaps bet out on the turn; that was the mistake I made.

The problem with durrrr is you never know if he will fire a third bullet and when he does you can't tell if he has the nuts or nothing!"

durrrr's tricky play throughout the show earned Peter's respect.

"He's one of the best, maybe the best. I don't think he was as aggressive as he appeared on television though. I was playing as aggressively as him, but he appeared to be much more crazy because of the TV editing."

Eastgate admitted he had a hugely enjoyable time making the show.

"All of the players are great players and characters so it was a really great experience for me," he said. "It was a legendary lineup."

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