Dwan watch: Crazy weekend for durrrr

Tom Dwan
Losing $700k is no laughing matter.

Online shark Tom "durrrr" Dwan had one hell of a weekend, losing over $700,000 but making nearly all of it back in a marathon session.

It's obvious Dwan was looking for some action, as he had a hand in nine of the top 10 biggest hands tracked on MarketPulse over the past few days. He played Full Tilt pros Gus Hansen and Phil Ivey almost exclusively.

The initial downswing began Friday with an all-out disaster of a heads-up match against Ivey. It certainly didn't help that they decided to do two $400,000 coin flips by going all-in blind, and Ivey won both of them.

After accumulating nearly $1 million in losses, Dwan started to battle back from the deficit around Sunday. By Monday afternoon Dwan had almost erased his losses for the weekend.

Despite his heroics, Dwan is still rumored to be down around $2.5 million in 2009, but he's starting to show signs of ending his downswing.

Unfortunately for railbirds around the globe, the durrrr Challenge is still on an extended break with no end in sight.

Check out some of the biggest Dwan hands from the weekend below:

Biggest Dwan pot

$400,000 coin flip part 1

$400,000 coin flip part 2

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