Dwan Takes out Ivey on the way to $887k

Phil Ivey

If taking a commanding lead as the year’s top profit earner wasn’t enough to silence the doubters, Tom Dwan went on to crush the game’s best, Phil Ivey, for over $400k yesterday.

When asked about his 5-million dollar string of losses, mostly at the hands of unknown action player Isildur1, Dwan's confidence never faltered.

"If anyone doesn't think that it's a downswing then they are welcome to cross book me in any game I play in," he said at the tail end of 2009. "That's all I have to say."

If anyone was brave enough to take up Dwan on his offer, they are surely kicking themselves now, as Dwan's profit continues to climb, rapidly approaching $5 million for the year.

The Full Tilt pro's session began yesterday with just 11 hands of $500/$1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha against Ivey. He left up $43k, taking a 2.5 hour break before returning to the same game.

The second session between, also against Ivey, lasted 580 hands, boasting a slew of massive pots. The largest came in just under $450k with Dwan hitting a gutshot on the turn to best Ivey's set.

After Ivey took his leave down $439k, Dwan stepped into the next installment of his ongoing $200/$400 No-Limit Hold'em battle with Justin "ZeeJustin" Bonomo. The 541-hand session saw Dwan make another $116,853.

After a few short Six-Max Omaha sessions, adding another $63k to his profits, Dwan sat for his final heads-up session of the night, playing just 32 hands of $500/$1,000 PLO against Ashton "theASHMAN103" Griffin.

Though the session was short, Dwan managed to grab $283,991 from Griffin, ending his day up an impressive $887,579.

Isildur1, who had been staying away from Full Tilt this past week, returned yesterday to try and start another run at the big game. His day started strong, with a $178k profit, $93,000 coming from a lengthy 2,109-hand heads-up $100/$200 NLHE session against both KTPOKP and Observer84.

But despite the strong start, Isildur1 was unable to hold on to the majority of the cash, ending his day up just $60,595.

Below are yesterday's three largest pots, to see more head to MarketPulse.


A shot in the gut to Ivey.



Ivey led the whole way.



Cowboys take out bullets.

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