durrrr Challenge: The pseudo session

Oldurrrr: Graphic representation of Dwan at projected completion of first durrrr challenge.

With the WSOP in full swing, no one expected to see any action come out of the durrrr Challenge.

They were wrong … sort of.

Although the two famous contestants in the durrrr million-dollar challenge did sit for a session last night, it lasted for only a little over 200 hands.

The hour-long session did however see Tom Dwan start to climb out of his hole, winning just over $36k.

Unfortunately for Dwan and his fans around the world, he still needs to win another $415k just to break even.

On the bright side, the challenge is far from over - especially if the players refuse to play more than an hour a week - and Dwan has almost 35,000 hands left to get even.

15,338 hands of action.

In fact, if both Dwan and Antonius continue to play a maximum of 200 hands (one hour) a week, the challenge should conclude around February 2013.

The largest hand of last night's mini-session, worth just over $88k, went to Antonius after his 7 5 8 6 flopped the nut straight on a 4 5 7 board.

Dwan, having flopped two pair, was all too willing to call off a large chunk of his stack, donating it to Antonius after failing to hit a miracle card on the turn or river.

durrrr Challenge by the numbers:

  • 100,407,856: Total amount wagered in the challenge
  • 411,191: Amount Antonius is ahead
  • 270,000: Amount the legendary Blade Runner gun sold for at auction
  • 36,493: Amount Antonius lost in the latest session
  • 15,338: Total hands played so far
  • 4,658: Average pot size
  • 300: Cost for a single pound of Kopi Luwak coffee beans
  • 198: Number of hours played

The top three hands from the session:

Floppy nuts.

A costly turn.

Top two pair (twice) and a busted flush draw.

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