durrrr Challenge: Antonius wins short session

Patrik Antonius
The pride of Vantaa, Finland.

Session 5 of the durrrr Challenge was slightly anticlimactic as Tom Dwan played just above 200 hands over the span of 34 minutes.

Dwan went on an early tear, peaking at about $245,519 up on Antonius, but by the end of the session the player formerly known as Finddagrind had decreased his deficit to just $140,380 total.

Technically, Antonius won session 5, for a scant $9,553.

The session took place late last night (or early Sunday morning, depending on how you look at it). It eventually ended after half an hour of play when Dwan mentioned he was too tired to play.

durrrr challenge 4178
How it all shakes down.

Neither player mentioned when they would play again.

Because Antonius has been in Thailand it's been extremely difficult scheduling the challenge, and many poker fans are eagerly awaiting Antonius' return to Las Vegas with the hope the sessions will play out more often.

Meanwhile durrrr fans can look forward to the NBC National Heads-Up Championship that takes place this coming weekend. Dwan will be taking part and you can follow the live updates in the popular live tournaments section on PokerListings.

As always, keep checking MarketPulse for the latest on the durrrr Challenge, or download Full Tilt and rail the action live.

durrrr Challenge by the numbers:

  • 140,380: Amount durrrr is ahead
  • 115,794: Size of the biggest hand in session 5 (Antonius won it)
  • 9,553: Amount Antonius was ahead in session 5
  • 4178: Number of hands played
  • 34: Minutes session 5 took
  • 13: Total hours played in the Challenge
  • 3: Number of sessions durrrr has won
  • 1: Times online player _FullFlush1_ has said, "cork it durrballs."

Here are the top three biggest hands of the session:

Biggest pot of the session

Antonius flops a straight, still loses

Nice river for Dwan

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