durrrr Challenge: durrrr-mination!

Tom Dwan
It's durrrr's world; we just live in it.

We've seen glimpses of Tom "durrrr" Dwan's brilliance in previous sessions of the durrrr Challenge.

But today he put on a truly dominating performance. In the span of approximately three hours, Dwan pulverized veteran pro Patrik Antonius for $206,757.

The session, which was number four in the Challenge for those keeping track at home, saw Dwan peak at +$229,814 before leveling off a bit as the session ended at hand number 3,952.

Dwan now has the overall lead in the Challenge by $149,978.

In the early stages of the session there was talk of postponing it so Antonius and Dwan could play the $500/$1,000 games running, but Antonius was "stuck" so they decided to stick to regular old $200/$400.

durrrr graph 3952
durrrr's graph is looking good.

The session ended with a few quick words from durrrr in the FTP chatbox about going to (presumably) lift weights:

"durrrr: gg ima go lift
durrrr: ill try to wakeup @ a dece time tomorrow if yer awake, no promises though."

With just under 4,000 hands played it's way too early to start planning the durrrr parade through Vegas, but it was a great session for the online prodigy.

Cliffs Notes for Feb. 23, 2009, durrrr Challenge session:

  • 213,419: Number of posts in the durrrr Challenge thread on 2+2
  • $166,581: The biggest pot of the challenge thus far (durrrr won it)
  • $149,978: Amount Dwan is now ahead of Antonius
  • 1,027: The number of hands in today's session
  • 3: Sessions that Dwan has won (there have been four sessions)
  • 1: Times that Dwan has stopped the challenge for a sandwich

Here are the top three largest hands of the session:

durrrr scoops a $166,581 pot

Decent flop for durrrr

Patrik Antonius makes a stand

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