durrrr Challenge 2: jungleman12 Wins Again

Tom Dwan
Tom Dwan

It’s still early but Dan “jungleman12” Cates is proving to be a formidable opponent in the durrrr Challenge 2.

Earlier today Tom Dwan and Cates fired off 958 hands of $200/$400 No-Limit Hold'em. It was even for the majority of the session but in the last 200 hands Cates started to crush Dwan.

Dwan actually won the biggest pot of the night - a $131k monster - and would have been in terrible shape if he didn't.

In the hand Dwan turned a set of tens and Cates paid him off on the river, eventually mucking his hand.

By the time the session finally drew to a close, Cates was up by $172,146. Cates is now up $692,400 overall in the challenge, which has surprisingly been very one-sided thus far.

In non-durrrr Challenge news, Gus Hansen had one of his worst weekends of online poker losing $1.1 million to opponents Phil Ivey and Cole South.

Ivey won $678,760 while South added $495,318 to his bankroll. Hansen is now down a stunning $2.3 million since the start of the year.

Durrrr Challenge 2 by the numbers:

692,400: Amount jungleman12 is ahead

314,933: Average cost of a house in Maryland (jungleman12's current location)

6,820: Hands played

1,000: Hourly cost of coaching from jungleman12

61: percentage of hands jungleman12 has won

3: Sessions played

1: Times durrrr has typed "Meh, gg" and then left

Here are some of the biggest hands from the most recent session:


At least durrrr won this one.


Another win by Tom Dwan.


It's a jungle out there.


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