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Just a few short weeks after announcing it had topped 250,000 users, Duplicate Poker is calling it quits.

The poker site, which had touted itself as the only legal online poker room in the United States, now just has a message to its players on its homepage announcing its closure. The message says:

Dear players,

Duplicate is sadly bidding farewell to its players. Caught in the middle of the global financial situation the company is not able to continue to provide service. We are a small victim of the global financial crisis.

Regretfully as of the today, October 5th, 2008 we are closing our service. We thank our players for being with us. Hopefully at later time and in a better economic climate Duplicate Poker will re-appear.

The Duplicate Poker Team

Along with the message, Duplicate Poker provides a simple form for players to check their bankroll or request the withdrawal of their money.

The closure comes as somewhat of a surprise, because Duplicate Poker has been posting solid growth of its player base since opening. In September the site said it had active players on five continents and was growing at a rate of 20% monthly.

What made the site unique was that it claimed to be the only site that offered legal poker in the United States. Instead of playing against players at the table, Duplicate Poker set it up so players were actually playing against their corresponding player at another table.

They would be getting the same hands as the other player, and whoever played the hand better was the winner, rather than whoever won the hand at the player's own table.

It was an interesting variation that took luck out of determining a winner, so the game was all about skill in playing hands.

Though it's one less option for online poker players in the United States, there are still plenty of places for Americans to play. Sites such as Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, PlayersOnly Poker and UltimateBet continue to accept U.S. customers.

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