Duke fractures pelvis, heads to WSOP late

Annie Duke

One name missing from the rosters in this first week of World Series of Poker action has been Annie Duke. The poker pro decided to spend another week with her kids while resting up a broken pelvis before taking on the tournaments this year.

Annie Duke has been training the past few months to run the 26.2 mile Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in San Diego to help raise money for Darfur through Ante Up for Africa.

Duke is no stranger to running and spent a lot of time training for the event up until about three months ago. During a 16-mile run a few months ago, she developed a sharp pain in her pelvis around the 11th mile.

"Of course, because I am an idiot, I kept running till mile 16," Duke wrote in her blog back in May. "Well, that night I had a lot of trouble walking. In fact, I really couldn't walk. So I rested it for a week and then went out to run again and around mile three I had to stop and limp home."

For about two months Duke said she followed the pattern of resting for a while then trying to run again, and the pain just wouldn't go away. She finally went to the doctor and an x-ray revealed she had a fractured pelvis.

"I am really upset. A little amazed that I kept going out and running three and four miles on a fractured pelvis," said the UltimateBet pro. "But upset that I have to cancel the marathon that I have been looking forward to in such a big way and upset that my body has apparently failed me."

An MRI later revealed she had broken her pelvis in three different places - one true fracture and two stress fractures.

Doctor's orders are to rest, and she's only allowed to do yoga. While she's resting, Duke is also taking advantage of a little extra time with her children before taking on the 2008 World Series of Poker.

Duke's debut for WSOP activities, however, may not be at the tournament table but instead in the instructor's chair of the WSOP Academy Ladies Only Camp.

The Ladies Only Academy is scheduled for Friday and Saturday at Caesars Palace, and offers female poker players a chance to learn from Duke as well as some other poker pros. Last year a graduate from the academy went on to win the 2007 WSOP Ladies Only event.

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