Duhamel 'Fortunate to be Alive' After Attack

Jon Duhamel
2010 WSOP champ Jonathan Duhamel

WSOP Main Event champ Jonathan Duhamel has released an official statement about the attack and robbery at his home in Montreal yesterday.

Published in French on princepoker.com, Duhamel explains in detail how the attack transpired and exactly what was taken.

Considering himself "fortunate to be alive," Duhamel says he was bound and beaten by the two attackers as they robbed him.

Taken were several 500 euro notes, a black Rolex watch and his engraved 2010 WSOP Main Event championship bracelet.

Duhamel says he spent yesterday at the hospital and is "exhuasted both physically and mentally."

He says he will now "take a step back" with his family and friends over the holidays but he hopes to return to the tables and to representing Quebec on the international scene in the near future.

Full translated letter published below:


"I would first like to sincerely thank my family, my friends, many media and all those who have given me such incredible support since yesterday morning.

"Your support warms my heart and helps me through the real test today.

"As the police have already confirmed, I was the victim of a home invasion yesterday morning when two men broke into my house and I was physically assaulted and robbed.

"After being threatened with death and having given over everything I had, I was bound and beaten repeatedly in the face and body before my attackers left.

"I am pleased to confirm that I have not suffered any major injuries. I spent yesterday at the hospital and I am suffering a little everywhere, but I have no fractures.

"I am now exhausted both physically and psychologically, but I count myself fortunate to be alive.

"The criminals have stolen money, but also my world championship bracelet and a Rolex watch I was given by my sponsor PokerStars for the same occassion.

"I will not hide that these two items have a value much larger than money in my eyes and I hope with all my heart that we will be able to recover them in the near future.

"My bracelet, which is shown in a picture here, is a unique item in the world. My name is engraved on its back. My watch is itself a black Rolex Submariner with my name engraved also.

"As for the money, it was mainly 500 euro notes, notes quite rare here.

"I would humbly appreciate that those who might have information about one or the other of these items or individuals who committed the assault take the time to contact police at (450) 463-7211.

"All information will be treated anonymously.

"As for me, I will try now to take a step back from this misadventure during the holiday season together with my family and my friends.

"I hope to return to the tables soon and, hopefully, continue to represent Quebec properly on the international scene by bringing another title back to Quebec in the near future.

"Thank you all,

"Jonathan Duhamel"

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