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For any poker player who's sat down at the real or virtual felt with a pile of chips, there's always that glimmer of a dream that they could end up turning those chips into much more and setting themselves on the way to a professional poker career.

At Everest Poker, players have an even better chance at going pro with the Live the Dream promotion, and that's had an effect on the poker site. According to a press release, traffic has doubled daily at Everest Poker since the promotion was launched in late December.

Live the Dream will give 10 players a chance to become brand ambassadors for Everest Poker. Each winner will play in major poker tournaments around the world on the poker site's dime.

Players have a chance to qualify for the casting call each week through an online tournament. The promotion has already filled 100 of the 200 casting call positions that will be open.

The work for wannabe Live the Dream-ers doesn't end after players qualify for the March casting call. Everest Poker has set up a blogging site for the qualifiers where poker fans can check out the qualifiers as they put up videos and write blogs.


The Web casts and blogging skills of each qualifier will also count toward their final tally to become one of the final 10 chosen to represent Everest Poker.

The interactive video page for the Live the Dream players had already attracted nearly 10,000 unique page views by Jan. 7. The day before, the unique page views were 4,127 and Jan. 5 saw 2,762.

According to Jennifer Joyce, Everest Poker vice president of marketing, the trend is expected to continue, as 100 more players qualify and start blogging on the site.

"Online poker is a huge international community and with the amount of live tournaments and TV coverage the game now enjoys it means that certain faces become recognizable," Joyce said.

"It is natural that if you give people a platform to express themselves the effect is going to be dramatic. We never believed it would catch on quite so quickly but our contestants are already creating a real buzz with traffic to the videos doubling daily."

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