Devilfish more like David 'Don Juan' Ulliott

David Ulliott
The Devilfish knows his poker, style and horses.

At the World Series of Poker, David Ulliott's reputation precedes him.

He's not best known for his cred on the felt - although he has plenty of that given his gold bracelet, 10 Joe Beevers from the Hendon Mob was putting bets up for me because I was banned from everywhere. And actually there was six races on this card and I backed all six winners. It was in all the newspapers that it was 14:1 or 20:1 to win them. I'm a really good judge on the horses.

Well, I don't really have any more questions. Is there anything else you want to talk about?

Um, me and you.

Sorry, I'm taken.

You're taken?

Oh yes.

Well never mind. (Ulliott grabs my hand and rubs it.) Your hands are as soft as mine.

* * * * * * * * * *

Indeed, when speaking to a lady, Ulliott could put Scotty Nguyen to shame for the number of times he ends a sentence with 'baby.' The funny thing is, however, the man they call Devilfish doesn't need to resort to artifice to win the respect of a person of either gender.

Devilfish has it all: fame, wealth, style, personality, and unshakable record at the poker table.


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