Darvin Moon Slams Jeffrey Pollack Over HPT Acquisition

Darvin Moon
Darvin Moon

2009 WSOP November Niner Darvin Moon is not pleased with former Epic Poker front man Jeffrey Pollack.

Moon, who famously avoided sponsors altogether during his Main Event run, made an exception for the HPT and signed with the tour as an ambassador last year.

The Maryland-based logger and amateur poker player specifically targeted Pollack for what happened to HPT.

“The whole crew were like a big family and Jeffrey [Pollack] had to go and f***ed it all up for them,” he said. “He’s a douchebag but that’s a part of life.”

Moon went on to say he’s unsure what will become of the HPT now that Epic Poker has filed for bankruptcy.

No Regrets Walking Away with $5.2 Million

Darvin Moon
Moon heads-up for WSOP title in 2009.

Despite his anger over HPT’s struggles, Moon has been enjoying life since finishing second in the Main Event back in 2009 for $5.2 million.

“I do a lot of the same things I used to do,” said Moon. “Playing a little poker, enjoying life. I’m still working with my logging business.”

He nearly won the tournament outright for $8.5 million but eventually lost to Joe Cada. Moon doesn’t really have any regrets over how he played the final table.

“How can you have any regrets when you walk away with $5.2 million?” he said.

Moon was having a good time playing on Day 1b of the 2012 Main Event on Sunday. It was just the second WSOP event he’s played this year and he may disappear completely from the game after this summer.

“If there’s another Main Event final table in my future it’s probably going to have to be this year,” he said.

“I’ve got other things going on. I bought a ranch. I kind of want to retreat to the mountains and do some ranching. I’m not sure yet.”

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