Daily WSOPE 3-Bet: Tran Mark, Dawley Force, Devilfish Sermon

Jessica Dawley
Air Force vet Jessica Dawley.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a mustachioed sidekick, a need for speed and an unauthorized fly-by of the afternoon poker news control tower.

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Today in the 3-bet we find JC Tran thinking about putting an exclamation mark on his poker career, Jessica Dawley showing why she's a burgeoning force in poker both on and off the table and Dave "Devilfish" Ulliot passes on some wisdom to poker's younger generation.

1) JC Tran: Three Years of Not Winning Adds Up

We really try to keep our objectivity hats on when it comes to poker players and tournament success, but watch this video with JC Tran and see if you can not pull for him to win the WSOP Main Event:

2) Air Force Vet Jessica Dawley Knows How to Steer a Poker Career

Yeah, so let's forget about objectivity again for a second.

Jessica Dawley is not your average, young poker pro. And she's definitely not your average young female poker pro.

An Air Force veteran who saw combat overseas at just 20, Dawley has a head on her shoulders and an appreciation for money and career that most young pros simply don't.

In short: She may be our new favorite poker player. If she makes it deep in any tournament anywhere, we know who we're rooting for. Check her poker story below:

3) What Devilfish Has Seen Can't Be Unseen

A little hokey, sure. A lot sexist ... well, yeah. Still it's hard not to have at least a touch of a soft spot for UK poker icon Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott.

A rough circle he ran in after getting kicked out of his house at 16. Gun-in-pocket underground poker games around the UK. Time in prison. There's no hiding the fact Devilfish has seen more than most of us will in a lifetime.

Feeling pretty lucky these days to have made it through it all, Devilfish has a word or two of advice for a few of the young poker pros he sees at the table. Get off the laptop and live a little:


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