Daily WSOPE 3-Bet: Mizrachi Slows, Paris Pros, Noah's Arc

Chino Rheem Michael Mizrachi
Chino and the Grinder: Soon-to-be FOX sitcom?

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi explaining the downside of a poker player's life when he has kids, Noah Schwartz cementing his legacy both in and out of poker and a few of the game's best debating the pros and cons of the WSOPE's new Paris location.

1) Grinder Feeling Grind Away from Kids

With a nickname like "The Grinder," Michael Mizrachi is obviously no stranger to spending long hours at poker tables around the world.

When you're 25, there's probably no place you'd rather be. When you're 32, and you have three kids, and your professional demands take you around the world regularly, it can become a bit of a grind.

One of the most successful poker tournament pros of all time, Mizrachi took a few minutes to talk with PokerListings about his plans to slow down in poker and spend a bit more time with his family in the coming years.

2) Pros Weigh In on Paris Pros and Cons

In just seven years the World Series of Poker Europe has already touched down in three different locations - London, Cannes and this year in Enghien-les-Bains outside Paris.

According to WSOP Exec Ty Stewart, it might not be done moving yet.

We spoke with pros Chino Rheem, Jonathan Duhamel and Michael Mizrachi about the good and bad of this year's locale.

3) Noah Schwartz Wants to Leave Legacy Outside Poker, Help Kids

With over $3.5 million in career live tournament earnings South Florida-based pro Noah Schwartz has already established a legacy as one of the best players in the game.

A fourth-place finish in Event #3 at this year's WSOPE today only reaffirmed what we already knew. But for Schwartz, who grew up without a big bankroll, life is also about giving back.

We caught up with him for a few minutes this morning and heard about his plans to start a foundation that helps better the lives of kids.

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