Daily 3-Bet: WPT GO, Blumstein Investments, $1.2m Jackpot

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Sometimes you win when you lose.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is one last pull on the mid-afternoon poker news slot machine that ends up paying off big.

You can always fire suggestions for future 3-Bet pieces in the comments section below.

In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at PokerGO scoring yet another high-profile streaming deal, plans for Scott Blumstein’s millions and a $1.2m Bad Beat Jackpot.

1) WPT on PokerGO

At this point it might be easier to list the live tournaments that PokerGO DOESN’T stream.

Daniel Strelitz WPT Photo Joe Giron
Coming to PokerGO!

Earlier today Poker Central announced that PokerGO will be streaming WPT Season XVI starting next week.

It’s particularly significant because in the past there were a few WPT final tables that weren’t available for streaming anywhere.

PokerGO subscribers will get their first taste of WPT action at the Legends of Poker final table on Aug. 31.

The tournament itself begins Aug. 25 and is expected to award the one-billionth prize dollar for the WPT so it’s safe to say it’s a significant one.

PokerGO’s streaming schedule is starting to look pretty darn formidable with the WSOP, Super High Roller Bowl, Poker After Dark, The Poker Masters and now the WPT all available.

It’s getting very difficult to find any major tours that aren’t under the PokerGO umbrella these days and we wouldn’t be surprised to learn about one or two more deals in the next few months.

2) Blumstein’s Plan for $8.1m WSOP Prize

Worried about how recent WSOP Main Event champion Scott Blumstein is going to spend his $8m haul from the final table?

Don’t be.

It turns out that Blumstein has a plan in place for his earnings and it seems pretty foul-proof:

All joking aside there has been at least one former Main Event champ who actually declared bankruptcy in the years following his victory so be careful, Scotty!

3) $1.2m Jackpot Paid Out at Playground Poker

Sometimes it seems like no one ever hits those massive bad beat jackpots offered by casinos around the world.

That certainly wasn’t the case at Playground Poker earlier this week as quad jacks were beaten by a straight flush.

The card room's Bad Beat Jackpot, which had been building for months, awarded to $1.2m with 40% going to the player who lost the pot and 20% to his opponent.

Ever other player at the table received $30,000 and another $1,200 was awarded to every player in the room.

Fortunately someone captured the moment on video and the energy in the room was clearly palpable.

Fun stuff.

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